DIY to Own Your Paycheck

Getting High on Great Prices!

When deciding what to blog about, I kept talking to people who encouraged me to write about what I know and love. As an English teacher, I had also said this to students on a daily basis. I decided to follow my own advice, and after soul searching I decided that I know and love saving money!

I actually get an adrenaline rush when I find an amazing deal. That $1 blouse from Clothes Mentor or the $1 garage sale dog pool that is exactly what I was looking for makes me giddy. If you can look at saving money as, a game or like hitting the slots it can be incredibly exciting!

There are a lot of ways to look at deal hunting that can work for different minded people. You just have to find what motivates you. For me, saving money is enough of a motivator. You may find that you like the competition (I can find a better price. I know I can beat this price if I go somewhere else.) Perhaps you like the rush of slot machines, and feeling the money roll in when you pull the bar. (I get this feeling when I find my favorite yogurt for half the price, or the shelving I have dreamed of at a garage sale.) Even if your motivation is saving for something big or small, a vacation, a new toy, or a new car find it. Seeing the money in your bank account stay there, and grow can be an amazing feeling.

My time is priceless: Is DIY Worth it?

I DIY to see the money stay in my bank account. I love new things, household improvements and traveling. On my para educator hourly rate, I just can’t make all of that happen. DIYing is how I keep my savings full for the things I need, and still get all of the things I really want.

Merriam-Webster defines DIY as, “the activity of doing or making something (as in woodworking or home repair) without professional training or assistance; broadly :  an activity in which one does something oneself or on one’s own initiative.”

I would like to point out the words, “without professional training or assistance.” I believe that this is where people get hung up. They are afraid that doing it themselves will mean the project ends with major problems, or they just don’t know where to start. As a self proclaimed NON-EXPERT, I can assure you that this is not the case. The only person who truly knows what you like and what you want is you. You are in fact the most qualified person to carry out your projects perfectly.

In the age of YouTube and blogging, you can learn anything online. Take advantage of our technological advances. Do it Yourself with the help of the experts who are sharing their talents for free!

My major motivation for DIYing is to save money. Perhaps sometimes a professional could make a more polished end product, or fix mistakes that I fix only after experiencing failure, but I am saving tons of money. I always like to think about how much my time is worth, or if my husband is completing a job we think about how much he makes each hour versus how much we would pay someone else to do that task.

For instance, we will be having a new garage door installed next week. The installation costs $300 and we figured that my husband makes around $50 an hour at work. When I googled how long it takes to install a garage door, I got mixed results. The conversation on the Yahoo basically justifies why we are paying for the install. With two people it could take as few as two hours, but for inexperienced installers, my husband and I, it could take any length of time and we could do it wrong.

We also would have to take out the old door. I couldn’t find how long that takes, but look at the Warnings in this article “How Do I Remove My Garage Door?”, I like my fingers too much to chance this. (Although I give these guys props for their explanation, if you are going to DIY check in with these experts! I don’t want discourage anyone from DIY ever. If this seems worth it for you, always DIY!)  It just didn’t seem worth the money for US to DIY. 

Crunching the numbers can be a way that you too decide what to DIY and what to pay for. With my current job I have lots of time and not lots of money. Because of my time, I choose to DIY.