It’s Nice to Meet You!


Let’s Shake Hands and I’ll Tell You About Myself

I am excited to launch a blog about how I OWN MY PAYCHECK!

I am a teacher, crafter, painter, dancer, hiker, professional shopper, interior designer, organizer of things, seamstress, and carpenter. Ok, so I might not have a degree or be a professional at most of those things, but I use what I learn and know to save money. I want to show you how easy it is for you to do the same. 

My husband and I live in Denver Colorado, and love every minute of it. I have been teaching for four years, and now in what would have been my 5th I decided to make a few changes. I am excited to be working as a PARA, for those of you who aren’t teachers I am a teachers aid working with students who have special needs to keep them on track with their peers. This has opened up time, but is a lesser paycheck even than teaching!

In my free time, I do lots of things. We are your typical Coloradans who hike, bike, camp, fish, you know the rest, but we do some things differently. Culture seems to be moving towards DIY, but how many of us have or take the time? Well, I try to! I love crafting and creating. I have refinished most of the furniture in my house, built closet organizers, added bookshelves and since I love change I continue to add, create, and invent regularly.

This is how I spend my weekends. Covered in paint, cutting up wood, scouring garage sales and goodwill, and sometimes high up on ladders (even though I am terrified of heights.)

Feel free to comment, and introduce yourself. I would love to know why you want to save money.

The Purpose for This Blog: Let’s Save a Buck!

Working as a teacher, and then as a PARA has organically caused a need to be money savvy. My husband and I, perhaps like many of you, always want to make household improvements, travel, eat out, and buy new clothes, but we don’t always have the funds to do these things the way we want, so that is where my creativity comes in.

I will be sharing with you these money saving ideas because they have helped us not only to live off of our paychecks, but thrive. We have bought a house, traveled to Ireland, replaced our roof, bought a car, and pay all of our monthly bills without credit card debt!

I look forward to sharing with you!