They Joys of a No Spend Month!

I was inspired to try a no spend month by several different bloggers. The advice was to try a week before you jump to a month, but I am a frugal person so a week just seemed too easy. I got my husband to agree to a no spend month relatively easily since he love to save money more than I do! This 10 step plan laid out by CentisblyRich was my Bible. Give her some love and go read it from her, the expert on this whole No Spend Month idea! 

Hubbies first hang up was what about the bills?!?! Obviously, we paid all of the bills and necessary line items, BUT we didn’t buy anything else. To plan for this month, we sat down together and looked at the calendar. The idea of a no spend month is to save not to miss out. We had to plan for a bridal shower and my dad’s birthday. I planned to spend $20 on dad’s birthday, he never wants gifts so I got a little something and spent the day with him, and $30 for the bridal shower gift. I also wanted to make sure that we still ate healthy, so I set aside $10 a week for free vegetables and fruits, $40 total. The goal was to make that $90, so that it was truly a NO SPEND MONTH. We did have friends over to hang out when they asked if we wanted to go out. They loved the idea that it was a no spend month and totally supported us staying in and saving, and we still got to see them!

Making Cash From Junk

I recognize that all people might not have the stuff lying around that we did, but I’m guessing everyone could find some stuff to sell. We started in our storage areas upstairs in the barn, extra closets, and the laundry room. We scrounged up the following:

  • Bookshelf
  • fan – $15
  • microwave – $15
  • office chair – $15

We listed those items on Craigslist and sold the fan, microwave, and office chair. Our strategy is always to start high and bring the item down five to ten dollars each week it doesn’t sell, so these started out higher but didn’t sell.

On top of that we decided on two different Saturdays to drive around and pick up a few free things on Craigslist to sell. We scored the following:

  • Couch and Love Seat Set – $80
  • dog kennel – $35
  • end table – $20
  • desk

We sold the couch set, dog kennel, and end table, but I decided to paint the desk so we just listed that item, but I am hoping to make a great profit on the free desk!

Clearly, we made more money than we really needed to, and I’ll be honest, more than anything this was a fun challenge. I got the total bargain saver high each time we sold an item. Not only were we not spending, we were making money!!! The plan is to spend all extra profits on fun activities when we visit Hawaii over the summer!

If you weren’t keen on driving around picking up stuff, you could also look at your clothing. Places like ThreadUp and Plato’s closet will pay you for your gently used, stylish clothing!

Unusual Circumstances

There were a few things that made our no spend month crazy successful that I don’t anticipate experiencing in the future.

  1. My old Subaru Forester was having an engine misfire and the mechanic told me it was totaled. I had to tow it home because exploding was inevitable… We looked at junk yards who offered $350, but we put it on Craigslist (with disclaimers about its condition) and got $650. The guy who bought it was excited because he fixes things like that. He was going to drop in a new engine and sell it for major profit. Win for him and us!!!!
  2. My husband inherited some old tools from his dad which included suction cups for moving glass. Those retail at $80 each. We sold the pair for $80.

The Breakdown

We earned:

  • fan – $15
  • microwave – $15
  • office chair – $15
  • Couch and Love Seat Set – $80
  • dog kennel – $35
  • end table – $20
  • Suction cups $80
  • Subaru Forester $650

Total $910!

We will definitely do a No Spend month again!


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