Capitalizing on Craigslist

How I Maximize Craigslist

Craigslist is one of my favorite tools for making a little extra money on the side. I know that it has its dangers, but if you are smart it can make lots of extra income. I capitalize on Craigslist by doing a few simple things.


  1. Don’t keep it secret.


I have had friends and family members pass off old items that they don’t need, they let me sell them. Sometimes they ask for a cut of the profit, and sometimes they just want it out of the house so they are happy that I will take it.

      2. Pickup free stuff on the road.


Yep its that simple. My husband and I have made some serious cash from selling things we found next to dumpsters or trash cans. If you don’t pay anything for it, its 100% profit folks! Just in case you were wondering, I don’t drive around searching for stuff we just make sure we stop if we notice something.

  1. Sell stuff instead of throwing it away, or donating it.

This may seem like a no brainer, but frequently people just want the furniture out of the way. If you don’t have space for your new and old couch, list the old one the week before you are getting your new one. That gives you time to find someone to take the old one and give you cash before the new one arrives.

Our 2016 Profits

Here is a breakdown of our Craigslist profit from this last year. We had lots of success, and only a few pieces left that never sold. I will admit that having a barn makes this process a lot easier. Without the barn I don’t know where we would put anything!

Things that others gave us for free to sell: TOTAL $630

  • Daybed with Trundle – $150
  • Dining Room Table with 6 Chairs – $400
  • Welder Platinum Home Gym – $60
  • Couch with two Recliners – $20

Found on the Side of the Road: TOTAL $50

  • Brown Chest of Drawers – $50

Stuff we would have donated, or we didn’t need anymore: Total $357

  • Metal CD shelves – $10
  • White Wicker Patio Set – $250
  • Outdoor Fireplace – $50
  • Panasonic Plasma TV (Broken) – $15
  • Metal Filing Cabinet (2) – $32

Grand Total from Craigslist 2016 (I’ll add if we sell anymore!) $1,037

The other thing that I plan to try in the future is buying things cheap at garage sales, and selling it for profit on Craigslist.

Also: I highly recommend meeting buyers in public places, and don’t go alone. My husband and I make sure that we don’t give anyone our address. We just load the items into our truck, and meet them at a store near our house. Be cautious, and smart!


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