Shopping with Rebates: Take 2

I downloaded Checkout 51 two weeks ago, and I see that it has benefits. Checkout 51 updates their rebates every Thursday. Their list of products is fairly diverse, but it isn’t extremely long. Check it out here

In two weeks, I have made $5.30. I will admit that I don’t like to buy anything just because I have a coupon. If you are someone, who eats lots of prepared foods this might work better for you. There were several boxed foods that looked great, but I cook from scratch.

I have not found tons of items that I wanted, but what I did find was great. One awesome find was Bush’s Beans. These were on sale for $1 a can, and Checkout 51 gave me $1 for purchasing 2 cans of beans. That makes them 50 cents each, which is cheaper than the store brand beans! A great deal!

Overall, the app is easy to use:

  1. Star the items you are interested in.
  2. Check your starred list at the grocery store, and buy those starred items.
  3. Take a picture of your receipt with the app.
  4. Wait for them to put money in your account.

I will admit I have not made it to the pay out, but other reviews mention that it is easy. Checkout 51 sends you a check when you hit $20. Cash money! I don’t know about you, but even if it takes a few months to get there that is worth it. I will definitely update this as soon as I have received my first check.

Checkout my review of Ibotta if you want to use a grocery app. At this point, I would say it will make you more money. I have used it all the way to a cash out as well, so I can say with 100% confidence it works!

(You can also use this link to go right ahead and sign up for Ibotta. My referral code is bxmlicv. I get $5 for every person I refer, so THANK YOU!)


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