Bargain Shopping at its BEST!

This is the COOLEST thing EVER! I love a good bargain and I had heard rumors about shopping apps that gave you money or gift cards for taking pictures of your receipt. After doing lots of research, I downloaded the two that had the most positive reviews, and rewards I was looking for. Checkout 51 and Ibotta. Check out my experience with Checkout 51 if you are into shopping with rebates.

I downloaded Ibotta, and I have been loving it! This app is awesome. They have coupons on everything from groceries to clothing. I have successfully made $20 since I downloaded it two weeks ago!

The basic steps are:

  1. Look through the offers, and select things you would buy from the store you are headed to. You may have to answer a question or watch a quick video to “Unlock” the rebate, but it still takes seconds.
  2. Buy the items and scan the barcodes. (Hint: Scan the item in the store, so you know that you got the correct thing and the rebate will work.)
  3. Take a picture of the receipt.
  4. Wait for the money!

Here is my first few weeks money back break down!

$10 sign up bonus because I had a code (You can use mine here to get your $10! My referral code is bxmlicv. I get 5$ for every person I refer, so thank you!)

The rest was a mixture of groceries and liquor purchases.

$9 at Costco

  • $1.50 Bibigo dumplings
  • $2.50 Budweiser
  • $5.00 Crown Royal Whisky (This was awesome because it is cheaper at Costco!)

$2 at Any Liquor Store (This is nice because you can use any liquor store as long as they itemize receipts.)

  • $2 off Guinness 6 or 4 pack

$1.75 at King Soopers

  • $0.50 any brand orange juice
  • $0.50 any brand of bread
  • $0.25 any brand of tomatoes
  • $0.25 any brand bananas
  • $0.25 any brand of onions

$1 bonus because I bought Crown Royal and Guinness.

TOTAL $23.75 You can cash out as soon as you have $20!

They also give you 5$ for every person you refer, so thank you for using my code! Since I wrote this, I have given this to some family members who are also LOVING IT! bxmlicv

There is tons of products on their list and some are generic like .50 cents back on eggs; one dozen, any variety, any brand! I get the eggs I like at .50 cents off!

There is also some things I tried that I would not have had it not been for this app. They have great snacks, and staple foods like Bush’s beans, which were cheaper than the store brand with the $1 off in the app!  

The liquor, in my opinion, is the best part! Liquor stores have sales, but there are never coupons. So far I have bought Crown Royal and Guinness with rebates! The Crown Royal is way cheaper at Costco already, so it was a great deal!

I have also already cashed out my first 20$. It was really easy. I chose an AMAZON gift card, and they sent me the gift card electronically. I copied the code from the gift card into my amazon shopping cart, and got 20$ free!

I plan to use this for Christmas money!!!

WARNING! The only issue I have run into was one liquor store did not itemize receipts. Even though you scan the product and then take a picture of the receipt. Unless it says the product name, they won’t accept it.

Otherwise, happy shopping. This app is AMAZING!

Checkout my review of Checkout 51 to double up on your app rebates.


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