Every time I visit Missouri I am amazed at how green it is. There is beautiful vegetation everywhere. It seems like gardening would be so much easier there! Living here in Colorado I am always battling dryness. I was so excited when I went to Missouri last week because it is nutting season. There were black walnuts in abundance!

I was so excited to be able to take advantage of this delicious treat! These things stain like crazy, and my relatives all warned me not to get the liquid on my clothes or it would never come out. My grandpa, mom and husband helped me collect several grocery bags full, and I flew home with them.

I did lots of research on methods for tackling these tough nuts. 🙂 The hull, the green fruit and black goo around the nut, has to be removed and it is really tough. Some websites suggested smashing the hull with your boots, but I stumbled across something that sounded more fun. DRIVING OVER THEM! I placed them on the edge of our barn driveway, and drove back and forth. Remember they stain, so I had to place them somewhere that was less noticeable.

Once I had driven over them, I peeled off the hull with big rubber gloves. It was actually relatively easy.

The tough, time-consuming part was using a steel brush to get the black goo off of the nuts. I put them all in the sink so that I could run water over them to wash away the goo as I scraped. It took 2-3 minutes per nut… Yep that is a lot! I did look, and this nut meat processed costs around $15 a pound, so its worth it! More than that though, it was so fun! It was a great way to bring in fall!

The nuts have to dry for 6-7 days, so I haven’t cracked any yet. I’m excited though because in reading I have learned that they are too strong to crack with a nutcracker. You have to wrap a towel around the nut and hit it with a hammer! Should be a fun evening activity!


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